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Discover Taipei英文双月刊电子报

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Taipei, A City without Sleep
文?Discover Taipei
In many countries, once night falls,百得利棋牌游戏, travelers start heading back to their hotels. In Taipei, however, the coming of night in no way means a day’s itinerary is done. Instead, another phase is just beginning. Even in the wee hours, fret not that you have nowhere to go, for there are many 24-hour businesses where travelers can enjoy premium services. From food and drink to leisure fun, from exercise to entertainment, the many pleasant venues and the city’s excellent safety ecord, even at night, have together led to many foreign travelers developing a deep affection for Taipei.

Late-Night Reading ? Taipei’s Marvelous Round-the-Clock Bookstores

“What sort of culture is this, where people head out in the middle of the night to read books at bookstores?” Many a marveling foreign tourist has asked this question when visiting eslite Bookstore (诚品书店).

It’s three in the morning at the eslite Bookstore Dunhua Branch (诚品敦南店), and still the store is busy. The elegant and comfortable space has a cultured air ? no need to wonder why this city’s denizens would be out at a bookstore in the middle of the night. Eslite started 24-hour operations in 1999; with an interior décor featuring partitioning, each section set up like a small bookshop ? a creative approach for Taipei that has become the stuff of legend. The chain is a source of great pride for citizens, and for the traveler offers a novel experience and an unexpected look into the local lifestyle, perhaps making you want to get on Facebook in the wee hours to tell everyone “I’m sitting in a beautiful bookstore reading a book!”

The Dunhua branch is a must-visit spot for many visitors to Taipei. There are local and imported books on a comprehensive range of subjects, and the bookstore offers a prime look at the city’s reading and design culture, although sometimes it’s actually the ever-changing flow of people themselves that is most fascinating. This round-the-clock store of literary treasures has a charming, sophisticated atmosphere.

Leisure Pursuits Unlimited ? Relaxation Ad Infinitum

In Taipei it’s even possible to find masseuses, hot springs to bathe in, and other relaxing ways to spend the long hours of the night. While it’s said that reading soothes the tired spirit, you’ll find a healthy nighttime massage and/or a soothing hot-spring bath even more refreshing.

A famous Chinese expression is often translated into English as “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” (千里之行,始于足下). However, after walking a long distance your feet get tired, and it’s hard to appreciate even the most interesting surroundings. Thankfully, Taipei has many 24-hour massage parlors that provide head-to-toe service, including hand- and foot-care services; Thousand Miles (千里行足体摄生会馆) is an apt example. A favorite of many tourists, it’s a spacious venue, at over 1,250 square meters, with a natural, minimalist design. In addition to foot massages and full-body shiatsu massages, oil massages, gua sha (刮痧; Often translated as “scraping” or “spooning”), manicure, and pedicure services are also provided.

Many of Taipei’s massage centers make Japanese customers feel especially comfortable with personnel that can speak at least basic Japanese and provide detailed explanations of services in Japanese.

If the idea of a downtown massage isn’t quite what you were thinking of, zip up to suburban Beitou for a hot-spring bath. The Beitou hot-spring resort area, which has a long and intriguing history, has green, white, and iron sulfur spring waters. The different types of mineral water are useful in soothing various ailments ? from skin diseases to arthritis to muscle aches and pains. Many local enterprises, such as Kawayu Spa Hot Spring Restaurant (川汤温泉养生餐厅) and Samao Valley Spa Dining Hall Music & Food (纱帽谷温泉音乐美食餐厅), provide 24-hour hot-spring bathing services.

A Never-ending Stream of Fragrances ? Sumptuous Late-night Feasts

Eating delicious, freshly prepared, hand-made gourmet cuisine in the middle of the night is easy Taipei, and can be enjoyed every night.

Taipei enjoys a strong reputation abroad for the deliciousness and range of its food and drink. One of the things that most amazes visitors, however, is just how many 24-hour restaurants, cafes,百得利棋牌游戏, fast-food eateries, and snack shops are found along its lanes and alleys. Add to this the ubiquitous convenience stores and one can see how in this city taste-bud satisfaction is guaranteed for anyone with late-night cravings.

Do you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or traditional soy milk late at night? Branches of 85°C Bakery Café in Anhe Road, and Guangfu North Road elsewhere, and Yonghe Soy Milk King (永和豆浆大王) in Fuxing South Road (振兴南路) all host a legion of weary souls each night, handing them a cup of hot goodness and giving them a quiet oasis in the deep hours to mull over life’s events.

If looking for a late-night restaurant for a quick bite, beyond the fast-food chains a great place to fill up is Sweet Dynasty (糖朝), a large place at over 1,650 square meters, serving a delicious array of Hong Kong-style desserts and hot dishes. A renowned house specialty is tofu pudding in a cask (原木桶豆花), served in wooden buckets. No syrup or seasonings are used in this must-order treat, and the tofu is firm and substantial. In addition, the bagels at the Taipei branch of the famous N.Y. Bagels Cafe are made fresh each day using ingredients imported from the States, and the store welcomes night owls with a menu that also includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta and other dishes.

It’s not only bigger restaurants that offer fine food late at night. Down an alley off Bade Road (八德路) is Matsu Noodles (四乡五岛马祖面店), a round-the-clock joint that is popular with local gourmands. The food is simple and straightforward ? sesame noodles, wonton noodles, meatball soup, and so on ? turning out the authentic Taiwanese flavors that locals love. A bowl of good, steaming-hot home-style food on a cool winter’s night is guaranteed to warm the soul and chase away any late-night weariness.

In Taipei, sleepless nights are like being on sleepless flights. Find a good book and drift away in thought. Alternatively, relax mind and body in a health center until dawn. If hungry or just looking for a caffeine pick-me-up, entertain your taste buds with deliciously fragrant fine food or coffee. Taipei, this 24-hour city that never closes down, is dedicated to providing enriching sustenance for your body, your mind, and your spirit.


eslite Bookstore Dunhua Branch 诚品敦南店

Add: 245, Sec. 1,百得利棋牌游戏, Dunhua S. Rd. (敦化南路1段245号)

Tel: (02)2775-5977

Thousand Miles 千里行足体养生会馆

Add: 62, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd. (南京??段62号)

Tel: (02)2531-5880

Kawayu Spa Hot Spring Restaurant


Add: 10, Ln. 300, Xingyi Rd. (行义路300巷10号)

Tel: (02)2874-7979

Samao Valley Spa Dining Hall Music & Food


Add: 42, Shamao Rd. (纱帽路42号)

Tel: (02)2862-6199

85°C Bakery Café 85度C咖啡

Anhe branch 安跟店

Add: 52, Sec. 2, Anhe Rd. (安跟路2段52号)

Tel: (02)2704-3299

Guangfu N. branch 收复北店

Add: 167, Guangfu N. Rd. (光复北路167号)

Tel: (02)2747-0855

Yonghe Soy Milk King 永跟豆浆大王

Add: 102, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd. (复兴南路2段102号)

Tel: (02)2703-5051

Sweet Dynasty 糖朝

Add:2F, 201, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd. (忠孝??段201号2楼)

Tel: (02)2772-2889

N.Y. Bagels Cafe

Add: 147, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Road (仁爱路4段147号)

Tel: (02)2752-1669

Matsu Noodles 四乡五岛马祖面店

Add: 7, Liaoning St. (?帼?号)

Tel: (02)2771-5406